Friday, June 12, 2015

Last of the Poetry Homework for Hum 8

This will be the last of your Humanities 8 homework:  (I know how sad that must make you!)

    By now - everyone should have posted their definition poems and you should have commented on 2 of your peers' definition poems.  

    Poetry booklet - Continue with your glossing (Poetry analysis like we did in class with "The Universal Soldier" and "One Tin Soldier"), and also try to figure out the tone and message of the poet.  Remember to resist the urge to look up the meaning of the poem online and use your "noggin" *(brain power).  But, do look up words or other references (eg. to history or literature) you might know.

    Complete the glossing for our poems - and have them in class Monday:

    • "I'm a Stranger Here"
    • "In the Year 2525"
    • "Signs, Signs"
    • "High Heels"
    ***Also make sure to have a printed copy of your poem for our Poetry Slam on Tuesday and Wednesday.  I am hoping we will have some time to rehearse***

    Lastly - For Monday - make sure you have finished all the other work (see earlier posts) and I will be collecting:
    • "With His Venom" 
    PS At the moment there may still be a few of you needing to come in to school on "I" completion day if your past work is not done.

    Friday, June 5, 2015

    I Still have not been added to my blogging group i dont know why?

    Monday, June 1, 2015

    June 1

    Yay!  It is June!  This also means we need to stay focused and use our class time wisely.

    Flex this week:  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

    Block 4 - today we finally finished those last 2 genius hour presentations!  (ok... almost) We will need to finish QiYang and Casey's demo on Thursday morning as we will have an awards assembly tomorrow.

    Block 1:  For tomorrow - reminder pages 4-8 of your poetry booklet should be completed by Tuesday.

    Both blocks:  Upload on to your new group blogs (in the sidebar):

    1. Pics of your Religions Graphic Organizer and pictures of your Renaissance Organizer  
    2. Either write (post) or give oral reflections (see directions/questions below) - through video or audio files that you can upload. 

    Directions / Reflection Questions:
    Tell your audience the purpose/intention of these 2 very different uses for Graphic organizers. 

    For the Religion poster - Reflect and Review 

    • 2 Stars - what 2 things did you do well.  Be specific and refer to your poster and their purposes - how it is to be used.
    • 1 Wish - what is one thing you would do differently to improve upon this assignment - explain your reasoning (why)
    For your Renaissance poster - Reflect and Review

    Self assess - based on the purpose/intentions of the graphic organizer, criteria, and expectations discussed and shown with samples, what letter grade would you assign yourself?  Explain.

    What did you learn from these two assignments?  What are you most proud of?  

    Due - Thursday June 4 

    Thursday, May 28, 2015

    Did you remember to ...

    Finish Your Genius Hour posting?

    Share the video of our North Surrey Hip hop Dance teacher?

    Plan for Friday May 29 - Note Blocks 4 and 1 are doing different things

    Block 4:  Introduction to Poetry and our upcoming Poetry Slam!
    We have been talking a lot about our first ever grade 8 Poetry Slam on the last 2 days of school and here are some things to watch and discuss to get a better understanding of the difference between giving a literary reading and other forms of public speaking.

    True Slam Poetry must be original creations and the poems are written in a way that is meant to be performed.  For our event - you may find and choose a poem to recite or you may challenge yourself to write your own to share!  Below are videos and references to start you off.  Time to get excited!  Celebrate the end of your gr 8 year!

    Start by watching some samples from the National Poetry in Voice Competition for gr 9-12 students - some of you may wish to enter this next year.  Emphasis is on the expressive readings of poetry to evoke emotion and convey the feelings/meaning behind the poems that are chosen.  You do not need to overact - it is about using your voice, face, body to express to the audience.  

    These poems were on a list for the Poetry in Voice Competition, but you may choose your own poems.  We want to avoid repetition and your poem choice will need approval by Ms Lees next week - Wed/Thur double block.

    "Constantly Risking Absurdity" (#15) by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

    "It Couldn't Be Done" by Edgar Guest

    You may also want to write and share your own poem! Maybe this Ted video can help you "Become a Slam Poet in 5 Easy Steps" 

    This teacher's site has some varied examples and tips for writing too!  Raki's Rad Resources

    Have a great day and work to finish your Renaissance web over the weekend! 

    Block 1:  Work time- Renaissance Graphic Organizer Assignment

    Have a great day and work to finish your Renaissance web over the weekend! 

    Wednesday, May 27, 2015

    Help our fellow Surrey School Teacher from North Surrey

    Check this out!  If they get 1 million views, she (or they - I am not sure) will get invited to Ellen

    Either way - help share and pass around your Social Media.  It is an inspiring fun performance!